Marion Cotillard on American Vogue’s Age Issue ( photo courtesy |

Hi Guys!

Sorry for not posting in a while. But I’m back now, along with Marion Cotillard, who appears on the August issue of American Vogue. Firstly, I love that velvet jacket on her. For most girls, their weakness is shoes or bags, not me though, I am the ultimate coat aficionado! Additionally, if I were Kate Middleton‘s stylist, I’d get that for the Duchess for the upcoming fall/winter season.  The colour itself is royal blue, and after a quick search online, I found that it is a “Burberry Prorsum quilted velvet coat“.  How perfect is that! So, my first bold prediction of this article: Kate Middleton is wearing that coat this upcoming season. Mark my words!

Marion in a gorgeous Burberry coat (photo courtesy |

Back to Marion though, I love her on this cover, then again, I love her period. She is promoting The Dark Knight Rises, and offers some insight into her character, Miranda Tate, described as an “eco-businesswoman”.  I am going to now make my second bold prediction, I think Marion’s character is Poison Ivy. Uma Thurman played this character in the campy revamp of the series from the 1990s that everyone would like to forget, especially George Clooney. So MissMalini readers, could you envision Kate Middleton in the coat above? Do you think Marion’s character in Batman will be Poison Ivy? As usual, sound off in the comments below!