Desi Mom Diaries: Small Print For Little Hands & Feet!

Desi Mom Diaries: Small Print For Little Hands & Feet!

Parul Kakad

So like I said there’s quite a bit that I got done while I was MIA!

Arman N Parul
Parul and Arman Kakad

MissMalini came across this brand that has recently come to Mumbai called Small Print run by Sneha Valia and asked me to try it. What they basically do is  take fingerprints, footprints and handprints of children of all age groups (at the minimum age of 4 months.) So I decided to give it a shot .Here’s what Arman and I got up to.

Arman n smallprint
Arman n smallprint

It comes with a set of instructions… and in different varieties.. I decided to get a customised neckpiece, so Sneha personally came down to discuss and do the mould for me. It is then taken away for casting and should take up to 10 days to come back to you. And trust me… it’s worth the wait! (For those of you who don’t have the patience to wait that long… there’s some DIY kits that you can purchase too!)

small print packaging
small print packaging

This is how I received my package… super cute! and looks awesome when you wear it too :)

Arman N Parul smallprint
Parul and Arman small print
They have a separate range for adults called the Grown Up range and the Scribes range and can also do paw prints of pets on jewellery! The price range starts from Rs.3,000 and goes upto Rs. 20,000. 

All the actual pendants, cuffs, keyfobs and charms are made from 99.9% silver (fine silver) and the chains, bracelets and cuff-link backs are 92.5% silver (sterling silver) and are made in Germany. They even have a range from DIY (do it yourself kits) to pendants and keychains where Sneha will personally come and customise things for you!

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