Beauty School: Smokey Eyes in Just 3 Minutes!

Deepa Berar , 19 Jul 2012
Kareena Kapoor, smokey eyes
Kareena Kapoor, smokey eyes

Flip open any fashion magazine these days and you are bound to see some model or celeb sporting smokey-eye makeup. For good reason too, it looks amazing on just about everyone and is so simple to do! All you need is some kajal, a couple eyeshadows and a little patience and you’ll be rocking this look in no time. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it!

1. Smudge an eye kohl along your lash line. Blend with a smudger brush or q-tip.
2. Put a dark brown eyeshadow over top.
3. Throw a medium color shimmery eyeshadow into your eye crease.
4. Place a lighter color shimmery eyeshadow under your eyebrowl
5. Finish with a volumizing mascara on your lashes.

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