Trend to Try: Ponytails

Trend to Try: Ponytails

Karen Alfonso

We often need respite from bad hair days and sometimes, hats just don’t cut it. Fear not, the simple ponytail has stepped up and become trendy! It’s increasingly becoming a red carpet staple. What’s better is that it works with all different types of hair textures. Here I decode some of the easiest pony looks.

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1)The Low Ponytail

The biggest misconception is that all ponytails must be high. Check out Freida Pinto who rocked a low pony with a severe parting. The key to this look is to ensure that the hair is tied at the nape of the neck.Get some inspiration from this tutorial:

Sleek and Bouffant Ponytails
Sleek and Pompadour Ponytails (photo courtesy | iifarocks.tumblr &

2) The Sleek Ponytail

Craving a minimalist look? There’s nothing a simple blow-dry and serum can’t fix. Take a cue from Kareena Kapoor who keeps the focus on her face with a poker-straight one. Want to mimic this look? Check out this tutorial here:

3) The Pompadour Ponytail

The glammest of them all. Nargis stole the show at the IIFA Awards 2012 looking so contemporary wearing a sari and a pompadour ponytail, or pouf as it’s popularly called. I personally love this, since it gives you two looks in one. Since this one requires a bit of practice, watch the video here:

So now step out and become a show pony and swish that mane!