5 must-haves for your make-up bag
5 must-haves for your make-up bag

Ever girl loves make-up and by default, so do I. Unfortunately I cannot carry my make-up box everywhere I go so I have to pick a few choice items to take along… here’s a list of my 5 make-up essentials, enjoy!

1. Pressed Powder It’s a must have in my bag, especially for summer because it helps get the sweat off your face. I use Dream Matte Powder by Maybelline New York. It saves my face from looking dead 😀

2. Concealer A concealer almost acts like Photoshop for your face. It helps you hide spots, blemishes and marks on your skin. It’s better than anything! I use the Concealer Stick by Lakme Absolute. It acts as a magic pen and lasts longer.

3. Kohl Yes! I am obsessed with kohl. I can’t live without it because it beautifies my eyes. I use MAC Smolder Eye Kohl.

4. Mascara My eyes are really small so mascara helps me open them up, making them look much bigger. I use Colossal Volum Express Mascara by Maybelline New York. It’s a long lash mascara and I really love it.

5. Lip Balm Last but not least the very important lip-balm. I am not a lipstick person, I use lip-balm instead. I use Born Lippy lip balm by The Body Shop. I am so in love with it smells… I just love it :)These are some make up essential I carry with me daily. Feel free to share yours in the comments below!