Chanel's Autumn (Fall) 2012 Couture invitation... (Photo courtesy | @ChoupettesDiary)
Chanel’s Autumn (Fall) 2012 Couture invitation… (Photo courtesy | @ChoupettesDiary ‒ of course!)

Right friends, I demystified what haute couture is a few days ago – that it’s the hostia, the leche, the dog’s bollocks and what not of fashion, remember? But what I didn’t tell you is that only about 700

beyond fortunate

people the world over are its patrons. Yeah, it’s a dying business. Which is why the world is waiting with bated breath for Raf Simons’s debut couture showing on the 2nd of July, hoping he will be able to breathe fresh life into this moribund territory. But Karl Lagerfeld, to not let Dior walk away with all the attention, has come up with quite the curious invitation for Chanel’s couture show on the 3rd of July,  a sketch of Coco Chanel by Karl. And “New Vintage”… ? What exactly can it be? I’m intrigued ‒ are you?