Salman Khan Kicks His Bad Habits!

Rashmi Daryanani
Salman Khan

What’s this we’re hearing? Salman Khan has given up on drinking and smoking because he does not want to aggravate his nerve condition. And there’s apparently a creative way he’s managed to do that…

As per Mid Day, whenever Salman wants to smoke, he pulls out a cigarette and puffs on it – but without it being lit. Then, when he throws it away, his staff goes and retrieves it, and he uses the same cigarette to repeat the process. Um… so I can sort of picture his staff running around him and picking up cigarettes that he’s discarded, but I can’t for the life of me imagine Sallu putting something in his mouth that was picked off the floor. So while I’ll believe the puffs-cigarette-without-lighting technique, I’m a little skeptical about that last part!

Salman Khan

Either way, Salman decided that enough was enough on the health issues front, and he would quit smoking and drinking – which he has now been off of for five months (ek baar jo usne commitment kar di and all that). Apparently, it’s been a good move because he’s now also taking a keener interest in his films by being more professional and showing up on time (we wonder if YRF disagrees). Good on him for managing to kick the habits!

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