The Yves Saint Laurent Rebranding...

Zina Tasreen , 23 Jul 2012
YSL/Yves Saint Laurent original branding
Out with the old…

Hello! Remember it is Yves Saint Laurent no more, and the iconic YSL logo will no longer be blazing at you? It’s Saint Laurent Paris now… Want to see the new logo/branding?

The new 'Saint Laurent Paris' branding (Photo courtesy | Katie Grande)
…and in with the new! (Photo courtesy | Katie Grande)

Ta-da! We first got a peek at the new branding on 15th July, when LOVE magazine’s editor-in-chief Katie Grand chanced upon the construction board’s surrounding the brand’s soon-to-open Mercer Street, New York store ‒ and her kind soul right away thought of Instagram-ing it for us all :-D

Then another picture appeared in the August issue of Vogue Paris featuring a black product box with the new branding on it…

Saint Laurent Paris (Photo courtesy | Vogue Paris)
Saint Laurent Paris… (Photo courtesy | Vogue Paris)

SO, what do you think? Very elegant? Or, just the same as every other upstart label that demands to be counted amongst the more sophisticated, classy, upscale ones? YSL was, of course, all these things, to begin with, mind ‒ pointless fiddling by Hedi Slimane, methinks.

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