7 Things That Girls Talk About and Guys Don’t Know.

Durjoy Datta , 28 Jul 2012
Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta

Now, you’re probably wondering how I know this, since other guys don’t. Well, this is how—I wanted to know what girls talk about when they’re out together for shopping, or movies or those mysterious night overs. So I asked a female friend of mine to list in a blog, 7 things they talk about privately, when they talk about guys. I might also have emphasized how crucial it was for my writing career that she got back to me with an honest blog as soon as possible. Here’s what she wrote!

1. Looks: Yes, that is the first question girls ask their friends whenever they find out that their friend is going out with someone new. Girls try to look their best for their guys and expect them to be perfect too. Shallow, but that’s how it is!

2. So, tell me—how was it? Every girl has to dissect her “private life” and tell her friends in excruciating details how her first “intimate encounter” and every other such incident after that was. It’s a rule. So remember to be extra loving the next time around.

3. Where did he take you? Who paid? If you think you can get away with taking her to a less cool place, well, you’re strongly mistaken. These things determine what kind of picture your girlfriend’s friends have of you in their heads.

4. Are you serious? Is he? Do you ever wonder why your girl sometimes suddenly asks you how serious you are about her? Well, it might be because she was asked this question too, and it got her thinking.

5. Gifts: May it be a birthday, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary—every girl wants to know what her friends got from and for their boyfriends. And then, they compare.

6. Surprises: If someone’s boyfriend is extra caring, you’re in trouble! Because, if he can steal her away for a weekend at a secret (and totally awesome) place, why can’t you? There is no way your girl won’t tell you all about how sweet that guy happens to be!

7. Sweet gestures: A bunch of fresh flowers (or a single red rose, even), fluffy stuffed toys, a beautiful card, sweet text messages, missing-you calls in the middle of work—these thing really, really hold importance to girls. Especially when it’s her roommate, not her, who’s getting all of this from her guy. What? Girls are inherently jealous! Consider yourself warned!

So now I know why Archie’s Gallery is so successful. And why we men never seem to keep our girlfriends happy. Who can ever match up to these “perfect” guys?


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