Beauty School: Monsoon Makeup 101

Deepa Berar , 28 Jul 2012
Saawariya (photo courtesy | bukagambar and
Saawariya (photo courtesy | bukagambar and

It’s no secret that Monsoon season can wreak havoc on your makeup. You leave the house with a full face on only to return with a black smear dripping down your cheek, your foundation completely gone and no sign of that hot new lipstick shade you were sporting earlier.

Well not to worry my dears, the MissMalini team is here to the rescue! Here’s your beauty lesson on surviving the monsoon season. Because you have more important things to worry about than your liner running.

Eyes. While you may be used to the ease of an eye kohl, it’s no fun to be stuck in a downpour with raccoon eyes. Opt for a long lasting liquid liner and mascara instead. This will keep your eyes looking pretty no matter how much water you throw at it. Try the Lakmé Absolute Shine Line which comes in four shades.

Lakme Absolut Shine Line | (photo courtesy Unilever)

Lips. Layer your lip products. First fill your lips in with a lip liner. Next apply a long lasting lipstick and then top with a long wear gloss before leaving the house. Layering your lip products will help hold the color onto your lip longer, drastically cutting down on the chance of it running.

Layer your products! (photo courtesy |

Face. Don’t overload on product. There’s nothing worse than actually seeing a thick layer of foundation on someone’s face. Instead, use a concealer to cover dark circles and spot conceal blemishes. Then lightly apply a foundation on top to even out your skin tone. Try wetting your makeup sponge first, squeezing out the excess water and then picking up your foundation. This will help you apply a thin layer rather than saturating your skin with makeup.

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