Sneak peek of the ELLE August issue
Sneak peek of the ELLE August issue

MissMalini: Lisa you’re the Working Girl Special cover girl of ELLE! How was that experience?

Lisa Haydon: Elle magazine is like family. shooting with them never feels like work. They have been wildly supportive of all my endeavours and this is my 5th (gasp!:-)) cover with them. I love the fact they chose the Paris/bBmbay Chanel jacket for this one.

MM: What are the 3 things you love best in your working wardrobe?

LH: Many variations of leggings with tops to mix and match, Armani Jeans blazer – it can pass off as trendy or corporate and my gum boots-at the moment!

MM: 5 things every working girl needs?

LH: Hands free phone headset, iPhone, comfy shoes – I love ballet flats, big handbag – to fit everything from pocket umbrella to the novel being read.

MM: Tell us a style secret that’s all your own…

LH: When in doubt, wear black.

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The Working Girl Special will be on stands this August!