Beauty School: Futurama at Your Finger Tips!

Fat Mu , 08 Aug 2012
FAT MU Make Up Artistry
FAT MU Make Up Artistry

Inspired by Christian Dior’s Futuristic Fall 2012 make-up design on the runways, Fat Mu’s current trends class – pro course focuses on this look and we made sure we tweaked it for the Indian market so young Indian gals can do it at home for themselves! All with one palette and a little bit of lipgloss. MU-ah!

Futurama at your finger tips - Tutorial
Futurama at your finger tips – Tutorial

Take our loo-verly young model (MU Preeti) – freshfaced and make-up free.

Step #1: Make sure your face is prepped with no make-up on to start the look.

Step #2: Our star palette of the day – Ben NYE Creme Colour Lumiere Palette (available at New Beauty Centre). Also pick up a few concealer and lip brushes while you’re there, always good for painting on eyeshapes and eyelines. Vega is fine to use.

Step #3: This look is easy to do at home you just need confidence and guts! Work it! Using a concealer brush or lip brush take the SILVER colour from the palette and apply along the lids and out to the corner, the shape is slightly winged, but NOT in a 1960s way, remember it’s 2012 not 1962.

Keep it block like and solid and FUTURAMA! Set this with translucent powder, crèmes do move so always need to be set in place. Again, take another lip brush and with a colour of your choice (we’ve used the green from this palette, you could try pink or blue?) draw an eyeline on top of the silver creme and slightly wing it up at the end, keep it a fine line and not too bold. Trick is to fade it into the silver so it melts in.

Step #4: One of our lovely MU-ettes added lashes to the look to make it look more complete. A good mascara is just as good, Maybelline mascaras are always a winner. If you want to be even edgier than try adding some of the colour of your eyeline onto the edges of your lashes… we did it with green! We super like this!

Futurama at your finger tips
Futurama at your finger tips

Step #5: As the eyes are the star of the show with this look, keep the rest of the make-up really simple and clean. This will add to the futuristic look and make you look bold, cool and totally with it!

Step #6: So a bit of concealer where needed, a powder for your face, and a pale, pink lipgloss to pop the look. We’ve used an Inglot one. No blush for this one, it’s a stark look but sexy too. Your brows should be set in place with a transparent mascara to frame the eyes.

Step #7: The look is so easy that you can do your hair at the same time with these fab conical styling tongs – so easy to use at home!

Voila – MU Preeti all ready to rock ‘n’ roll and show off her new look to MU-mbai. Hope you have fun with this one.

Fat Mu 9 Week Pro Make Up Course
Fat Mu 9 Week Pro Make Up Course

If you would like to do a 9 Week Pro Make Up Certification Course with Fat Mu read below:

Course Details
Batch Commencement: 6th August 2012
Faculty: Natasha Nishcol & Virginia Holmes
Venue: FAT MU Make Up School, Bandra West, Mumbai
To register, please call : 9920753846

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