Breaking into Bollywood: The Next Chapter…

Breaking into Bollywood: The Next Chapter…

Danny Sura
Danny Sura
Reflective Danny…

Hello followers! Yes, I know it’s been an ice age since I last wrote here, but what can I say? I have been too busy trying to break into Bollywood, innit! A lot has happened since my last post ‒ and here’s how it went… ;-)

At the sets of "Main Aur Mr Right"
At the sets of “Main Aur Mr Right”

Remember I mentioned in my last post that I was signed on as one of the leads of a Hindi feature film, titled Main Aur Mr Right? Well, I was caught up shooting for it all the while :-D The shoot’s been done, now it’s onwards to post production, which will start shortly!! I have been told the film’s releasing early next year ‒ SO, I hope you guys are there for the first day, first show. If not… I’m “unfollowing” you lot on Twitter : p

Danny Sura
You talking to ME?

The first day of shooting was towards the end of May, and I gotta say, time does fly. Without sounding corny, the journey has been incredible. I remember feeling so nervous in my vanity van. The first scene that I shot, apparently, was a very important one for my character in the film, with the director making me feel completely at ease with these words: “this scene’s going to define your character so you’ve got to be bang on”. No pressure there then, aye! But it went well, thankfully, and the cast and crew were very encouraging, right from day 1. I wish I could go into details about my role but, rest assured, it’s probably the best launch vehicle I could have asked for.

Danny Sura on the sets of "Main Aur Mr Right"
Will Mithun Da agree to give me dance lesson, will he?

What’s got me excited right now is, towards the end of the year we will be filming the song promos ‒ and I’m thinking of giving a ring to the original “Disco Dancer” Mithun Da for some lessons!! You think he will let me borrow his white flares and white shoes… ????

Danny Sura on the sets of "August: Osage County"
Mucking around with Maneesh on the sets of “August: Osage County”

So now that the film’s been wrapped, what’s next for yours truly? Well, I am still attending auditions and actually filmed an ad for Renault sometime back. However as it was a “montage ad”, meaning I am there for about 0.5 seconds. But hey, at least I got to drive the new Renault “Duster” on a dirt track ‒ like a mad man for most of the day! I have been for other film auditions, too, and I am waiting to hear back on this comedy film. Wish me luck!? Other than that, I’m still touring for August: Osage County ‒ do check out the video diary of the North India Tour above :-)

And oh, some breaking hot news for you all! I was approached by a production company to be the main male anchor for a new show that is being pitched to a new channel. Now I can’t say much more because the “pilot” is still being made and I won’t know until the end of August if the channel will commission more episodes. But I can’t leave you all hanging by a thread now, can I? So without giving too much information away, I created a video diary of my adventures during that particular shoot! Do enjoy :-)

Danny Sura with Sharman Joshi
Look who I bumped into: Sharman Joshi!

As always, thank you ever so much for following my adventures, and please do spread the word about my blog! Take care and God bless… Danny x

P.S. Here’s a photoshoot I did for sometime back… you like?

Danny Sura's WeddingSutra photoshoot (Photo courtesy |
The WeddingSutra shoot… (Photo courtesy |