Hot or Not? Lady Gaga's Vogue September Cover

Karen Alfonso , 09 Aug 2012
Vogue US
Lady Gaga on Vogue (photo courtesy | Vogue US Facebook)

Anyone in the fashion industry will tell you that the September issues of magazines are the most important yet. Heck, they even made a  documentary called The September Issue, where Anna Wintour explained that’s it’s the January for magazines. It’s no wonder then that for their biggest issue yet, Vogue US has landed for their cover one of music’s biggest stars, Lady Gaga!

Styled by Grace Coddington who is the creative director at the magazine, Gaga wears a striking purple Marc Jacobs gown. I absolutely love this cover; it’s simple and Gaga looks completely different. It’s much better than her previous Vogue cover below.

Lady Gaga for US Vogue
Lady Gaga for US Vogue (photo courtesy | Vogue US)

What do you think? Does it warrant a Hot? or a Not! from you? It’s a Hot from me!

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