Trend Alert: Givenchy Shark Print...

Zina Tasreen , 12 Aug 2012
Great white shark
“Yeah. Thanks to Tisci, I’m in vogue too… “

‘ello, I’m back to beat the drum for some more Givenchy ‒ rather, Riccardo Tisci ‒ awesomeness :-D Hot on the heels of the Rottweiler prints is the Shark print from Givenchy’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection. It has only been around since June of this year and a good few slebs have already been spotted in it ‒ and yes, the number’s more than three, and hence, can be deemed a trend. Regardless, I see this Shark print taking off in a big way, too, real soon. Come, check it out!

Givenchy Shark-Print T-Shirt (Photo courtesy | Mr Porter)
Ta-da! (Photo courtesy | Mr Porter)
Givenchy Shark-Print Sweatshirt (Photo courtesy | Mr Porter)
And This. (Photo courtesy | Mr Porter)

Fabulously hard-hitting, no? Just don this ‒ rrrright, I’d like to think it’s unisex ‒ and you’ll be the coolest cat in the room… Ah, genius ‒ once again! ‒ from Tisci… He really has the midas touch when it comes to blending streetwear with luxe…

Tinie Tempah wearing Givenchy Shark-print sweatshirt (Photo courtesy | Mr Porter)
British rapper/ British GQ’s Best-Dressed Man for 2012… Tinie Tempah (Photo courtesy | Mr Porter)
Tyga wearing Givenchy Shark-print sweatshirt (Photo courtesy | @Tyga)
West Coast rapper Tyga… (Photo courtesy | @Tyga)
Sebastian Sauvé and Amar'e Stoudemire wearing Givenchy Shark-print T-shirt/sweatshirt
Brit-American model Sebastian Sauvé (left) and American basketballer/New York Knicks’ power forward Amar’e Stoudemire (right)…
Jonghyun wearing Givenchy Shark-print T-shirt
South Korean popstar Jonghyun…
Rick Ross wearing Givenchy Shark-print T-shirt
American rapper Rick Ro$$…
Big Sean wearing Givenchy Shark-print T-shirt
American rapper Big Sean…
Professor Green wearing Givenchy Shark-print T-shirt
English rapper Professor Green…

Tempted? You gotta hurry up, ‘cos I’ve a good feeling they’ll all be snapped up very soon. Here’s where you can get them from:

– Mr P (here and here)
– Luisa Via Roma (here and here)
– eBay
– Givenchy boutiques

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