Robert Pattinson (Almost) Does It Again!

Zina Tasreen , 16 Aug 2012
Robert Pattinson (Photo courtesy |
Phwoooar! (Photo courtesy |

Hit the right sartorial note, that is, while ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday morning as part of the promotions for his upcoming flick Cosmopolis. Of course he was wearing Gucci for the occasion – after all, he plays a Wall Street whiz kid in the film who happens to be clad in one of Gucci’s signature ‘Signoria’ suits on the day in his life the film is based on. Come, check him out!

Clad in a navy ‘Heritage’ two-button suit with slight winged lapel, white dress shirt and a royal blue slim tie, he was almost – soz! − a sartorial perfection. Why is it an ‘almost’? The jacket could’ve been a tad better fitted, the trousers could have gone up a few millimetres, but… it’s the sight of his lush tie’s point going beyond the waist of his trousers that bothered me the most. Yes guys, take note, please: the tie’s point should never − I repeat, never − go farther than your trouser’s waist.

Robert Pattinson wearing Gucci to: ring the opening bell at NYSE and New York premiere "Cosmopolis" (Photo courtesy | Gucci/Getty Images)
Which Gucci-clad Rob you like better: the NYSE (left) one or the New York “Cosmopolis” premiere (right)? (Photo courtesy | Gucci/Getty Images)

Still it was a good effort from Rob. Rather a scrubbed-up Rob than a homeless-looking Rob – for me. What about you?

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