TomKat Divorce Finalized! Rumors of Settlement Run Wild… Scientology Under Scrutiny

Karen Alfonso
Katie Holmes (Photo by PR Photos)
Katie Holmes (Photo by PR Photos)

Katie Holmes is officially a free woman. Her divorce with Tom Cruise was finalized in court on Monday a mere two months after the initial announcement. The details of the settlement were actually agreed on by both Tom and Katie in a lightning fast two weeks from the date of the filing back in June. Most legal experts speculate that Katie’s stealthy maneuvering and preparations gave her the upper hand, and forced Cruise to move quickly to avoid public scrutiny of his controversial religion Scientology (of which he is allegedly the #2 or 3 man in the entire organization!)

Lawyers and judges involved with divorce filings have closed the details to the public, and very little information can be 100% confirmed. TOI reported this morning that Holmes would receive $15 million as per a reported pre-nup agreement that allotted Katie $3 million a year for each year they remained married. We haven’t been able to track down any sources to absolutely confirm this information, but again, details aren’t coming easily.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (Photo by PR Photos)
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (Photo by PR Photos)

Even if the $15 million amount is true, that’s pocket change to Cruise who’s net worth is estimated at $275 million. It does appear that Holmes will receive some property, most likely the couple’s modest $3 million home in Montecito, California.  This video shows all the different properties up for grabs in this settlement, along with the New York City apartment that Katie hastily rented and moved into with Suri right after she filed for divorce.

The one thing that everyone seems to agree on, is that the care, education, and upbringing of the couple’s only child, Suri Cruise, was Katie’s #1 concern. There was speculation that Tom & Katie had been arguing on how Suri would be raised, with Tom pushing for a ‘traditional’ Scientology upbringing. This was likely the primary reason that Katie put divorce on the fast track… insiders and people close to Katie, say that she really doesn’t care at all about Tom’s money.

The inner workings of Scientology are extremely secretive, but reports from many who have left the cult-like religion have described mental & physical abuse in the form of forced labor, intimidation, and forced isolation from family. The niece of the head of Scientology even warned Holmes of these things. Long story short, Gawker reports that the divorce agreement has given Katie primary custody of Suri, and Tom will remain active as a parental guardian as well. The agreement is said to bar either parent from talking much about Scientology or religion until Suri is older.

Last but not least, a key provision of the agreement is child support payments that Cruise will make to Holmes. Some of our avid fashion readers were disappointed when we reported that Katie plans to stop spoiling Suri with designer clothes. The value of Suri’s wardrobe is estimated to be upwards of $3 million, and although Suri will miss out on new Marc Jacobs & Louboutin items for now her lifestyle in general (nannies, security, etc.) will likely amount to some hefty child support payments by Cruise.

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So that’s that. Despite the immense press coverage, and the gravity of the ex-couple’s celebrity profile, this has been a relatively drama free divorce by Hollywood A-list standards. Both Katie and Tom seem to be taking everything well, and both claim to be happy with how things have worked out (although we suspect that’s a bit of a front from Cruise)!