Is This Rihanna’s New Fave Bag?

Zina Tasreen , 27 Aug 2012


She’s been papped with it on four separate occasions in a space of 10 days already… Could it be, could it be? Want to know which one?

It’s the Gucci’s signature ‘Boston’ bag – but with the interlocking GG logo stamped in the colours of the US flag – from the limited edition GG Flag Collection. The line’s been introduced to benefit UNICEF’s “Schools for Asia” and “Schools for Africa” projects, an educational initiative launched this year to provide access to quality basic education for disadvantaged children across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Gucci will make an inaugural donation of $350,000, along with 25 percent of the sales receipts from the collection, towards the initiative.

Korea GG Flag Collection zip around wallet (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Zip around wallet with Korean colours… (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Italy GG Flag Collection Tote (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Tote with colours of Italia… (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Men's France GG Flag Collection T-shirt (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Men’s tee in French colours… (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Women's Germany GG Flag Collection T-shirt (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Women’s tee with Germany’s colours… (Photo courtesy | Gucci)

Available in Gucci stores from July 25 to December 31, the collection comprises of T-shirts and accessories stamped with the GG logo in colours of Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, United States, Brazil, Japan and other countries spanning from the Emirates to Korea.

USA GG Flag Collection Boston Bag (Photo courtesy | Gucci)
Rihanna’s one… (Photo courtesy | Gucci)

What do you think of the bag? I’m afraid it’s not my cup of tea since I’m allergic to any form of conspicuous branding. But if you happen to like it you can drop by the Gucci stores in Mumbai and Delhi for a touch-and-feel. They only have the Boston bags, in two different sizes, from the GG Flag Collection, for now – and they cost INR 45500 and INR 60500. *I’m whispering it* These bags cost less in India than in the US and UK – I checked the retail prices there, you’re welcome ;-)

P.S. There were more sightings of Rihanna with that bag…


P.P.S. Kylie Minogue, too, was seen carrying the bag − but the England one… :-D

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