Watch out Bollywood Boys! Vidyut Jamwal May Be The Newest Action Hero

Ranjit Rodricks
Vidyut Jamwal
Vidyut Jamwal

We’ve seen a good number of the new star kids and actors showing off their eight pack abs in the hopes of being the next Bollywood hunk to reckon with. Few of them however, are skilled in martial arts like newbie Vidyut Jamwal, who made is debut as the bad guy in Force.

A keen practitioner of Kalaripayattu, a famed ancient martial art practiced for centuries in the southern parts of India (it includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, and weaponry). Vidyut is pulling out all the stops by training for nine hours a day to be in the best shape for his next film.

Vidyut Jamwal
Vidyut Jamwal

Tentatively called Commando, and with Vipul Shah at the helm, the film will see Vidyut in his first Bollywood lead role. And from what we hear, he’s going to be promoted as the biggest action hero from the new lot. We also hear that he will also oversee the choreography of the action sequences in the film. No wonder then that Vidyut trains for nine hours a day!

For more information on kalaripayattu, we found a cool training academy website.

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