10 Must Watch Bollywood Movies (According to My Mom!)

Manjulika Agarwal

Remember this? 10 Must Watch Bollywood Classics (According to My Mom!) well my mom is back with another blog! “I thought I’d also add my Top 10 current movies so we can match our lists! Tell me yours in the commente below!” Cuteness right?

Mommy and Me
Mommy and Me

1. Kahani

PS. Now obviously by current she means the last two decades :) 

1. Farrari Ki Sawaari

3. Vicky Donor

We watching this one together as part of our Mother’s Day #MissionMommy Weekend Extravaganza! :)

4. Dhobi Ghat

5. Lagaan

6. Fanaa

7. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege

8. Khutch Kutch hota Hai

9. Dostana

10. Wake Up Sid

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