Celebrity Style Secrets: Rahul Khanna Tells You How to Suit Up!

Celebrity Style Secrets: Rahul Khanna Tells You How to Suit Up!

Rahul Khanna

We all agree that Rahul Khanna knows how to rock a suit. So who better to ask for a few man-tips on maintaining and dressing up the suits in your (man’s) wardrobe? Plus he’s cute and you’re welcome :) xoxo

Rahul Khanna at the Vogue 5th Anniversary
Rahul Khanna at the Vogue 5th Anniversary

Suit, shirt, tie: Theory
Shoes: Armani

1.) I rather enjoy time spent with my tailor. Like me, he’s a man of few words but is my one stop source for news about important Bollywood happenings. Plus, he shares my views on how a suit should fit. Every few months, I consult with him to see if any parts of me have expanded or shrunk and if my suits need to be adjusted to accommodate that. I recommend anyone who owns suits do the same. Think of it as servicing your suits, much like you would service your car.

2.) Have your suit professionally cleaned. If you’re lucky, it’ll be body glitter and lipstick stains that need to come off. If not, red wine and butter chicken. Either way, making sure your suit has visited your dry cleaner before taking it for a spin out on the town, is a good rule of thumb.

3.) Stuff the body into the deep freeze, wipe off all fingerprints and book passage on a fishing trawler to Guadalajara. Wait, that belongs in a different set of tips…

4.) Steam your suit if it needs a touch-up. Press your shirt, tie & pocket square. Polish your cufflinks & shoes. I like to lay everything out and take stock before moving onto step #5.

5.) Assemble it all, give yourself a once over with a lint brush and if you see a nice flower on your way out the door, slip it into your lapel. Then, as Tony Soprano would say, “fuhgeddaboudit!” Go out & enjoy your evening.

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