Leonardo DiCaprio's The Rakish Wolf of Wall Street...

Zina Tasreen , 03 Oct 2012
Leonardo DiCaprio
I still heart him to bits :-D

Anyone excited about Leonardo DiCaprio’s upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street? I’m dying to watch!!! It’s the return of the awesome twosome of Leo & Martin Scorcese, we’ll get to see the bril Jean Dujardin again after The Artist, and it’s based on a world I know too well (I’m an ex-banker, y’see?) – need I say more?

Leonardo DiCaprio in black leather loafers from Gucci's Cruise 2013 on the sets on "The Wolf of Wall Street" in Manhattan, NYC on 25th September, 2012 (Photo courtesy | Gucci/Getty Images)
Look at the loafers! (Photo courtesy | Gucci/Getty Images)

Today, I stumbled upon this still from the film, and guess where my sight went first, before anywhere else??? The shoes!! From Gucci’s Cruise 2013 collection they are. And if you like to cram your brains with some useless trivia, here’s another one for you: this marks the 60th anniversary of these Gucci’s iconic leather loafers with silver horsebit hardware. Okay, getting back to the film, Leo’s looking exactly like a City/Wall Street banker here – and exceedingly handsome as always.

P.S. The full-of-swag Cruise 2013 collection hits the Gucci boutiques in India in December 2012… :-)

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