Take a Trip on The Train to Vexadus with The Legends of Aveon 9

Ranjit Rodricks , 03 Oct 2012
The cover of The Legends of Aveon 9 - The Train to Vexadus
The cover of The Legends of Aveon 9 – The Train to Vexadus

We are huge comic and animation fans and quite honestly, prefer to read a racy or humorous comic in our free time rather than watch sitcoms (repeated over and over again) on TV.

So we were pretty excited to lay our hands on the new graphic novel The Legends of Aveon 9 – The Train to Vexadus published by Rovolt Entertainment (Rs.150/- 60 pages).

Here’s what we thought about it:

* The art work which includes pencils by Abhishek Malsuni, inking by Abhishek Malsuni and Sunil Paswan and coloring by Shashank Mishra with lettering by Troy Peteri is quite world-class and of international standards. The attention to detail is minute, making for some truly beautiful panels which you would like to frame on your wall.

* At the back of the book (you could start from there initially) they flesh out the various groups of characters and the environment they live in. These include humans and aliens. However, if it was in the front of the book, it would be more ideal in absorbing the essence of the story since this is set in the mystical planet of Aveon 9, thousands of years in the future.

Explanations of the characters at the back of the novel
Explanations of the characters at the back of the novel

* The graphic novel includes a poster of the cover inside which you can pull out without destroying the story. A nice touch, for sure!

* Unfortunately, the entire story is not restricted to this one graphic novel and leaves you at the edge of your seat when it ends. The story will be continued in another issue. Somehow, that left me hanging. When you begin something like this, you want to know what’s going to happen to the main characters the moment you get absorbed in the story-line. Making you wait for the next issue to come out is a tease which doesn’t excite one bit.

A page from the graphic novel
A page from the graphic novel

The story: The Legends of Aveon 9 – The Train to Vexadus is a sci-fi adventure featuring intrigue, high-drama and unprecedented action. Driving the story forward at a breakneck pace are extraordinary characters, torn apart by their personal demons even as their every action decides the fate of numerous human and alien civilizations.

Humans may have established their dominion on Aveon 9 but they angered the planet’s indigenous civilisations in the bargain. And humans would continue wreaking a path of havoc and destruction if not for the efforts of a pair of star crossed lovers – a warrior prince and a beautiful and dynamic princess -and a dedicated native.

The trio will have to pit themselves against potently evil forces – human, alien and monster – and deal with some unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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