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Bad wardrobe choices by Indian celebs

While looking for style tips, most Indian men look up to Bollywood actors and other TV celebs. Sadly, the actors and celebs often get it wrong and as a domino effect, the crowd follow it wrong. What are these mistakes? Listen up!

Men do take their style seriously and some take it to the next level, but get it all wrong. This could be the absence of a mirror or self-delusion. In return, the right woman will just walk past you. Avoid these simple screw ups while you dress for any occasion…

1) Tight Pants

It looks cool in context and not in public… like really

All the hip kids are wearing slim or skinny jeans so you blindly feel it’s the right thing to do? Well, not for everyone. Some men are heavy on the thighs or plain large-framed, in this case avoid those tight jeans or even trousers. It’s visually scarring and limits your attractive quotient in the eyes of the opposite sex. Besides while you walk, run or sit, you will need room to breathe!

2) Vests In Public

Beefcake body like Sohail Khan or Mid-life crisis-struck Vindu

Sure it gets hot sometimes and some of you have the vain urge to literally show off your biceps. Curb your enthusiasm either way, because vests should ideally be used in the gym or on the beach. Being seen in public in a tight vest when everyone is fully clothed will stick out like a sore thumb (keyword being SORE.)

3) Tight Shirts or Tees…

Exposed chests fit a filmy look but aren’t a style statement

This is a tricky one. Yes, some men look good in a fitted tee, but most don’t. Make sure your tee fits right and isn’t too snug. Key: The fit shouldn’t appear to display your nipples or armpit patches. And if you are large-framed or over 30, beware of the fitted tee! It can look… creepy.

4) Exposed Man-Cleavage

Exposed chest fits a filmy look but isn't a style statement. ( mages: Google Images)
The exposed chest fits a filmy look but isn’t a style statement

No woman in her sound mind looks at a man’s low buttoned-down shirt or v neck and thinks, “I’ll have me some of that muscled cleavage” or ” I hope his heart is as clean as his hairless chest!” So calm right down and button up.

5) Florals or Bold Prints

It could be a cool look but the bigger the print, the chances are you may look like a loser.

This one is for the flamboyantly challenged. Yeah, you love fashion and take your chances with it. But paisley and floral prints are a little more complex to pull off than you were assured. Apart from the right size, style and proportion of the prints, you always need to take your personality into account. There is a very thin line between trendy and looking like wallpaper, a closeted gay man or try-anything-to-get-noticed guy.

6) Collars Trying To Make A Statement

Fix your collar before you talk to anyone!!!!

One guy popped his collar in a cool way and suddenly everyone religiously bought all the possible collared tees available, so they could pop their collars too. Why? Your tees look fine with the collars down. Don’t pop them because you think that is “how you wear a polo tee.” It isn’t.

Either you LOVE the 70’s or your stylist is lying to you.

And on another note, only when sporting a retro look or starring in current low budget TV serials is it cool to wear your collar over you blazers, suits and dinner jackets. Tuck them under the jacket collar, please!

7) Belt Buckles

You are no cowboy, besides.. your belt is very distracting!

Reality check, you are not a cowboy. And everytime you wear those huge “WWE”-like buckles you land up bruising the girl you dance with. And trust me, most girls hate scars, especially if a man gives it to them.

9) Pointed Shoes

Not the best choice when your jeans are narrow

If you chose to wear tapered or skinny fit jeans or trousers, stay away from the leather crocodile-snout pointed shoes. It just looks wrong.

10) Shiny Fabrics

Men don’t Shine …PERIOD!

Fabrics with a metallic finish sure look sleek, but if you can pass off as a reflector for traffic at night, then you’re probably headed in the wrong direction. Try spending a little more time and money in getting the right fit in the right fabric that looks and feels expensive.

Some of you will claim that people don’t really dress like this, but the fact is they do. Obviously these are tips and you can choose to go against them all. But you might be ignored by the girl you are hitting on or maybe even be the butt of her jokes, in which case “I told you so!”