Salman Khan Style. How to Dress, Like a Bawse.

Dabangg shades

Shirt check, shades check, fitted suit pants check, attitude check mate. This is how you do it like a Bawse.

Yes, I may have played this song for you once before, so what. I’m the Bawse. *lol*

Salman Khan
Salman Khan's bracelet

Did you know btw that he always wears this Feroza bracelet on his right wrist? He told me it’s his favorite. The only time he took it off was for Dabangg. This blue sapphire bracelet even made it to his Wanted poster.


And I just remembered I met his #1 cutest little fan in the world on my Rafting trip to Rishikesh wanna see?

Chulbul Pandey part 2
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