Gig Alert! The Early Set with Aria Nanji

Gig Alert! The Early Set with Aria Nanji

Aria Nanji
Aria Nanji

She’s younger than Justin Bieber.
But she sings The Beatles.
She bakes mean cupcakes.
But she sings Adele.
[Also Rob Thomas, Dido and many others.]
She’s all of sixteen.

She’s Aria.
And she debuts at Blue Frog this October 17.

Aria will be performing at Blue Frog in a one hour slot for young talent on October 17th, 2012 between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. She will be singing only covers and accompanying herself on the guitar. You will probably know all the songs so come sing along!  She will be accompanied by her friends Mallika Barot and Sahirah & Shayan Oshidar for some songs, and dad Hossi Nanji on guitar for others. Don’t miss this, because she’s darling.

PS. Thank you Freddy for this epic introduction. :)