Indian Talent Agency KWAN Enters Joint Venture with Global Giant CAA

Nowshad Rizwanullah , 19 Oct 2012

Here’s some news making waves today – India’s largest talent agency, KWAN Entertainment & Marketing Solutions in all set to enter into a JV partnership with gran’daddy Creative Artists Agency (CAA). CAA is widely regarded as the world’s leading entertainment and sports agency, representing the heaviest of the heavy hitters across film, television, music, fashion, sports and the Internet (see their ridic client roster here). Earlier this year, they picked up Priyanka Chopra as their first Bollywood talent.

The JV will focus on building out talent in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,  Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan. Not only does the deal give KWAN major street cred, but also means local artists will now have global opportunities across the board (ie: some folks about to get paaaaaaid!!)

The newly formed CAA KWAN will be jointly led by David Taghioff and Caleb Franklin from CAA, and Anirban Das Blah and Indranil Das Blah from KWAN. Offices will be spread out across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

CAA President Richard Cohen (left) with client Will Smith
CAA President Richard Cohen (left) with client Will Smith (photo |

Speaking on the occasion, Richard Lovett, President of CAA had this say:

“India’s robust entertainment industry offers CAA KWAN tremendous opportunities for talent across multiple platforms… In a very short period of time, KWAN has intelligently scaled and diversified their business to maximize this thriving marketplace for their clients. KWAN’s deep network of relationships, local-market knowledge, and collaborative business philosophy make them a powerful partner in furthering CAA’s existing business in India and providing our clients with more opportunities.

KWAN MD Anirban Das Blah with Lekha Washington
KWAN MD Anirban Das Blah with Lekha Washington (photo |

And of course, no compliment goes unreturned in the world of PR, with Anirban Das Blah, CEO & MD of KWAN joining in:

“We believe that the combination of CAA’s experience, influence, and expertise, with KWAN’s extensive knowledge of the Indian entertainment industry, will enable us to provide an unmatched spectrum of services for our clients.”

Sweet talk aside, you can be sure about one thing: get ready to see a whole lotta international attention for our local talent. Hello world, here comes Bollywood!

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