Agyness Deyn Retires From Modelling To Be a Stripper

Marv D'Souza , 21 Oct 2012
This is Agyness Deyn
This is Agyness Deyn

She is one of fashion’s favourite girls (remember her as the androgynous girl in the Burberry campaigns), and now she confirms her departure from modelling to pursue her options as an actress.

Yes, Agyness Deyn has transitioned from the runway to the reels. Known for her more-than-pretty face with a tomboy edge and her indie-sense street style, she has now appeared in a British glam-grunge drug film called Pusher.

A Supermodel and Muse

Cover of Every Fashion Magazine That Should Be Known
Agyness has graced the cover of every major fashion magazine around the globe
Deyn in Print Campaigns, Editorials and Endorsements
Deyn in print campaigns, fashion editorials and endorsements

With a career that spans almost 10 years, Agy has appeared on the cover of almost every high fashion and style magazine there is. From Time magazine to Vogue, she has rocked out on covers and editorials alike. Designers and fashion names love her for the edgy-pretty girl charm, and the distinct personality she brings to their clothes and to the shoots.

She has done campaigns for leading designers and brands such as Burberry, Anna Sui, Georgio Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Reebok , Doc Martens and many more. She was also the face for fragrances by Jean Paul Gaultier and the likes. In fact she even replaced Hollywood A-listers such as Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore in campaigns for two known perfume brands. As a runway model Agyness proved to be a favourite for top designers because of her street-cool walk, and that trademark androgynous appeal, the rare quality that the fashion industry lusts for.

From Fashion To Films

Deyn's character, Flo in 'Pusher'
Deyn's character, Flo in 'Pusher'
Richard Coyle and Agyness Deyn
Agyness Deyn and Richard Coyle

Pusher is a remake of the ’96 cult classic. In this version, Agyness Deyn plays Richard Coyle‘s girlfriend, a heroine-addicted stripper. The film is a gritty look at the drug world with the plot revolving around Frank (Coyle), whom’s life is spinning out of control as a drug pusher. Things only get worse as he loses friends, endangers his love-life with Deyn’s character (Flo), and life as he knows it seems lost. If rumours are to believed, Deyn will also star in the sequel for the film.

While coming from the fashion industry with a known face, Agyness says she is passionate about creating and acting, and plans to enter the industry slowly. She views her modelling career as a productive process to figure out what she really wanted to do. As Deyn officially announces the end of her modelling career we wish her the very best in this next stage of her career!

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