Daniel Craig & Javier Bardem at the Skyfall Royal Premiere

Zina Tasreen , 24 Oct 2012
The "Skyfall" Royal premiere at London's Royal Albert Hall (Photo courtesy | Sony Pictures India)
The “Skyfall” Royal premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall… (Photo courtesy | Sony Pictures India)

Both these handsome hombres were dressed to kill for the Royal premiere of Skyfall in London last night. Wanna see how they looked?

Javier Bardem in Gucci Green Carpet Challenge outfit at the "Skyfall" Royal premiere
Javier Bardem in Gucci for Green Carpet Challenge outfit

We gave you a heads-up of what Javier Bardem was going to wear, and gotta say, I was rather impressed by the dinner suit made out of eco-friendly, recycled material, by Gucci for Green Carpet Challenge. Not too shabby at all!

Javier Bardem in Gucci Green Carpet Challenge dinner suit at the "Skyfall" Royal premiere

All very well, but I have to take major points off for the trouser length, which is all the more shameful given how the suit was made-to-order.

Daniel Craig in Tom Ford at the "Skyfall" Royal premiere

Meanwhile Daniel Craig left me speechless with his midnight blue shawl-collar number – not too dissimilar from the one he wore in the film – by Tom Ford.

Daniel Craig in Tom Ford at the "Skyfall" Royal premiere
This. Is. Perfection.

Ladies and gentleman, THIS is how a dinner suit is supposed to fit. Unsurprising, really, given it’s by Mr Ford :-D And extra points for going for midnight blue, which, FYI, is the connoisseur’s choice when it comes to black-tie dressing

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