"How To Woo The Girl" - Tips From a Dark-Wave Gay Guy to Straight Men!

Marv D'Souza , 24 Oct 2012
Stefan In The House - Bill Hader and Seth Meyers on SNL
Stefon in the House – Bill Hader and Seth Meyers on SNL

Have you ever seen Stefon – SNL’s City Correspondent? It could be one of Saturday Night Live‘s funniest recurring characters played by actor/comedian/ producer/writer, Bill Hader. He appears along side Seth Meyers on the Weekend Update part of the show.

I stumbled upon him while watching some random TV on one of those quiet Saturday nights. It ended with me mopping my floor, because I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t hold in the water I was drinking!

It’s Stefon, everybody!

As you can see for yourselves, Stefon may not be very helpful, but he is awesome (in his own little warped-twisted way). He does make some pretty insane and politically incorrect comments, in the name of humour. But then again, you probably laughed at it, and we can all have a good sense of humour!

How did Stefon come about?

On the Late Show with David Letterman, Hader tells Letterman about the mix of Stefon’s character traits. While he candidly admits to not making it through a single dress rehearsal or on air performance without laughing, you can’t really blame him. Stefon’s character as a dark-wave gay city correspondent is pretty funny! Catch Stefon on the SNL episodes online to just crack up when you need it the most!

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