Pizza Masterchef Giulio Adriani
Master Pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani

Di Napoli pizza is Mumbai’s newest, and arguably most authentic, Naples-style pizza experience. This foodie temple to the traditional Pizza Napoletana brings a little slice of south Italy to Nariman Point (read our full review here!)

To celebrate the opening of his pizzeria, banker turned restaurateur, Jai Thakur invited one of the biggest names in the world of pizza to host a 3 hour masterclass on the art of making this Italian delicacy.

Master pizzaiolo Giulio Adriani knows a thing or two about pizza. Not only does he confess to eating at least one pizza a day, he is a 4 time pizza World Champion and adjudicator for Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, pizza’s equivalent to a Michelin star.

Dressed in a Di Napoli t-shirt and Brazilian themed Havaianas, what we assume to be in tribute to the world’s largest pizza consuming nation, Giulio spoke passionately about the importance of authentic simplicity and quality of ingredients that are the key to a great Naples-style pizza.

Brick oven at Di Napoli
Brick oven at Di Napoli

The master pizzaiolo shared quite a few interesting facts about Italy’s most famous dish:

  • Pizza is a global phenomenon. 17% of all restaurants around the world are pizzerias.
  • An authentic Napoletana pizza contains only 540 calories.
  • Cooking time is an astounding 65 seconds for a pizza in their brick oven imported from Naples.
  • The only ingredients in the base are flour, yeast, water and salt.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is only used on top. This should never be used in the base or sauce.

After the masterclass, we sampled the traditional Napoletana Margarita pizza and must confess we went back for seconds the next day. The pizzas are simple and satisfying, but the salads and service leave much to be desired.

Napoletana Margarita
Napoletana Margarita at Di Napoli
Napoletana Margarita at Di Napoli
Napoletana Margarita at Di Napoli

If you find yourself in South Bombay craving a little slice of Italy, Di Napoli is hidden on the side of Dalamal Towers on Free Press Journal Marg. Keep in mind they currently have no liquor license, but we were assured it is on its way soon.