Breaking into Bollywood: One Journey Ends...

Danny Sura , 28 Oct 2012
Danny Sura
Danny Sura

Happy belated Dussehra, y’all! SO, shooting an arrow at the 10 heads of Raavan… I never seen it up, close and personal myself, but if us Indians tried anything like that back in the UK… we would get arrested straight on the grounds of ‘elf and safety alone! What you can get away with in India, right!?

The cast of "August: Osage County"
The cast of “August: Osage County”

Onto August: Osage County, a play that has given me tremendous opportunities, is nearing the end of its run. Yeah, just a few shows to go before the curtains are brought down on this production. Our most recent show was in Kochi, for which we had new additional cast members, one of whom was the great Anant Mahadevan!

Danny Sura & Mohanlal
…with Mohanlal!!

The show went really well, but it was made all the more memorable by the presence of the great Mohanlal! In case you don’t know who he is, let’s just say that he is the equivalent of Amitabh Bachchan down South. He even came to the after party, which you can see in the vlog :-)

Remember I told you sometime back that I’ve done a TVC for Renault Duster? Well, it’s out now – have a look! In case you can’t find me, I’m the one in blue jacket driving near the windmills.

Danny Sura & Denzil Smith
Denzil giving me gyan!

So for my next post I want to do something fun… How about you tell me your fave scenes from Hindi films and I re-enact them – for your entertainment?

Love Danny x

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