Halloween Music To Get You In The Mood

Halloween Music To Get You In The Mood

Marv D'Souza
Surelee Joseph and Vimal for Marv D'souza's Halloween ( Image: Vikas Vasudev Photography)
Surelee Joseph and Vimal for Marv D’souza’s Halloween (Image: Vikas Vasudev Photography)

Halloween is upon us! Most people started the celebrations this weekend since the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year, but the parties are sure to continue through the week. If you haven’t hit your Halloween groove yet, here are 5 tracks to get you into the mood for the scariest night of the year.

These 5 songs are by musicians and bands that embody the supernatural, or at the very minimum, a general eeriness.

Play at your own risk…

Scorn – Silver Rain Fell

If you’re home alone getting ready for a party this track will definitely send a shiver or two down your spine. Perfect for setting your evening mood, Silver Rain Fell has it all – dark tunes and zombie like voices chanting to spook you out.

Florence and the Machine – Seven Devils

As an artist known for her cathedral moods and epic notes, this track speaks volumes. Used in trailer for the hit HBO series Games Of Thrones, the dark choir background, and Florence Welch‘s haunting vocal performance, puts this song firmly on the list of scary Halloween-friendly tracks.

HIM – Don’t Fear The Reaper


Finnish rock band HIM is known for their dark and hard-rock themed music. Their twist on the Blue Oyster Cult classic is filled with eerie church organs and dark light tunes. The strong string arrangement and vocals make this track perfect for your Halloween playlist.

Bally Sagoo – Noorie

Bally Sagoo twists a classic song from a Hindi movie, and amplifies the haunting mood in the track. The video is kinda cheesy, but it does collect all the classic “desi haunting” moments. Might want to think twice about playing this one while driving down a desolate road…

Michael Jackson- Thriller

No Halloween playlist would be complete without Michael Jackson‘s Thriller. The track has it all from creaking doors, to shrieking sounds, to ghostly moans. The world famous music video immortalizes the track, featuring Michael’s iconic red jacket, and zombies dancing in a signature dead-man’s choreography.

Hope you guys have your costumes ready for Halloween, but if you don’t, listening to these tracks should aptly inspire you!