Priyanka Chopra Addresses Rumours of Affair

Team MissMalini , 30 Oct 2012

Priyanka Chopra recently sat down with HT to discuss her roller-coaster year, declaring it’s once again fun to be Pee Cee. The most interesting part of the interview definitely had to be when she opened up about persistent rumours about her having an affair with youknowho – or rather, how classily she brushed them off! In her own words:

“None of my co-actors or directors ever turned their backs on me. That’s a misconception. There may have been a few people, a few rumours and a few articles, but that always happens to everyone. Like I said, ups and downs come and go, but nothing that mattered to me ever changed. It was more of a power play. Also, because I wasn’t talking about it, my silence was misinterpreted. But had I reacted, 10 more articles would have been written. In any case, it didn’t matter, because it wasn’t so important to me.”

We think that’s the right answer – don’t you?

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