Celebrity Psychic: Shah Rukh Khan's Future Revealed!

Channelized by Tamanna C. , 02 Nov 2012
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan


It’s Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday today so here’s a prediction to celebrate with! SRK has a great year coming up. With one of his movie’s on the verge of releasing in the next few days, he can surely expect this one to be one of his most successful one’s since 2008. As his career picks up post March 2013 he can expect another successful project post July 2013. Post March 2013 he will have other plans of starting something new or even expanding his current business venture.

February 2013 will bring him a lot of success and he will move onto his next cycle of fame post August 2013.

His health will need to be kept in check especially around the 2nd week of Dec 2012 and between the 25th of March 2013 and the 2nd of  June 2013, especially areas regarding his back and feet.

In the next one year he can expect two major successful projects, apart from signing two more projects in the coming year. Next year will also bring him a lot of good luck especially from successful events post March 2013. Next August-September 2013 he might decide to slow down work or take a break to focus on other areas of his life.

His spiritual cycle will go through a major transformation post June 2013. He has always had high spiritual energies but it has been a in a low phase since March 2011. Here’s wishing him love and light.

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