Video Pairs: Pink Shows Off Her True Dance Skills in ‘Try’

Video Pairs: Pink Shows Off Her True Dance Skills in ‘Try’

Marv D'Souza

In this new series, MissMalini blogger Marvin D’Souza showcases interesting, fun videos – and then scours the internet for their matching pairs! Keep watching and see if you agree with his choices!

Pink in the video for her new single, "Try"
Pink in the video for her new single, 'Try'

Is there anyone in the pop world that can give Pink serious competition at what she does? I doubt it. Watch her new video where she finally reveals her dancer side in the most raw and physically demanding way. In an industry filled with aging pop stars desperately trying to shore up their legacies against a blond country teen chick with a great PR machine and a crackling kid with more haters than lovers making him famous, Pink manages to resist the urge and to define her own position, on her own terms.

The Video:

In the new video from her latest album “Truth About Love,” Pink displays her true acrobatics and dance skills.  In all her previous videos and performances, she’s only given us a taste. This time, she gives us a big chunk to chew on. The video is bold and extremely raw, with Pink and her “lover” semi-naked and getting dusted in neon throughout the video. Pink is seen doing some very physically challenging and technically complex contemporary jazz routines.  She describes the video as the “most fun” she had while at work. The thing with Pink is, she can spin out of control while hovering over thousands of spectating heads and balance a full grown man on her knees… she just loves to “try” new things.

The Video Pair:

Pink’s video instantly reminded me of So You Think You Can Dance‘s Sonya Tayeh routines. Check out the one routine that comes close to the Try video:

Don’t you just love it when dancers loose themselves and spill their souls on to the dance floor? Bless! Let us know if you have a favourite dance video or a performance you think we should watch!