MissMalini BollyToon #10: Don't You Forget Who's Boss Yaar.

MissMalini , 03 Nov 2012
Bigg Boss toon
Bigg Boss toon

Last night I caught up with the madness that is Bigg Boss on Colors TV after ages and that’s where I spotted a don’t-mess-with-me-bro attitude walla Salman Khan and a very upset (yet again) and duly chastised Sapna Bhavnani, which is the inspiration for this Bollytoon in case you were wondering *LOL* For now though I have something to say so here’s an open letter to the Boss Man, Bigg and Bhai both.

Dear Bigg Boss,

WTF is going on?! Is it just me or does it seem like all the contestants in your house are still just busy arguing about how they want to play your game. Bigg time Bagawat as Bhai said and an incurable case of taking-themselves-too-seriously on the side. Please do something. Saare housemates aapki insult pe insult kiye jaa rahe hain and you’re just sitting there batting your one eyelid. #NotImpressed.


Also, I think Sapna is about to have a nervous breakdown so you may want to let her our. Although last night she burst into (what I thought were) happy tears when Aseem Trivedi was told he could evict her but then started grinning again when she found out she was staying in the game – so I’m calling bullsh*t on that too. Dammit! Full bheja fry is happening.



PS. If you’re looking for the lighter side of the show (like this) make sure you track my tweets on Twitter #BiggBoss, it’s where all the cool kids are playing :P xoxo

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