Video Pairs: The Crow v/s The Joker

Marv D'Souza , 04 Nov 2012
Brandon Lee as The Crow with Heath Ledger as The Joker
Brandon Lee as The Crow with Heath Ledger as The Joker

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I didn’t immediately realize the similarities between Alex ProyasThe Crow  and Chris Nolan‘s The Dark Knight. Apart from  the underworld tempo of both movies within an urban goth-like setting, there is one particular scene that resembles the other, closely.

The Crow 1994

The scene starts with the gang lords meeting in a dark warehouse (like in The Dark Knight) discussing the new menace who is killing their members, one at a time. In the above clip, at  2 minutes and 49 seconds, Brandon Lee appears as The Crow. The scene seems identical to the time when The Joker meets the Mob for the first time.

The Dark Knight (2008)

Apart from the setting, even the make-up is similar in between the characters.  Another coincidence is that Brandon Lee and Heath Legder died during the making of their respective films. Lee died during the filming of a scene where his character gets shot and Ledger died of an overdose of prescribed drugs. Both Lee and Ledger are immortalized in these dark characters they played.

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