In this new series, MissMalini blogger Marvin D’Souza showcases interesting, fun videos – and then scours the internet for their matching pairs! Keep watching and see if you agree with his choices!

Viva was India's first all-girl pop band
Viva was India’s first all-girl pop band

Here’s another memory for you to re-live. I stumbled upon a video from India’s first all-girl pop band, Viva! And here’s what I instantly thought of it…Though we haven’t heard any new content from them in a long time, the band sure was successful when they launched. Out of the lot, a few of the members are still kicking it hard around the scene. Needless to say, they had the unique vocal chords and personalities India needed to set us in a new direction!

The Video:

The best part of this video has to be the costumes! As over the top and abstract as the video is, it’s balanced out pretty well. The track on its own is pretty cool with an R n’ B vibe and the girls deliver their notes on the dot. Anushka Manchanda completely steals the show in moments with her husky strong chords. But what makes this video worth my time is Mahua Kamat. I simply love her look and she works it like she owns every inch of it. Leave it to the curvy girl to deliver the juice! *Snap, snap, swoosh and turn*

The Video Pairs:

After watching the Viva video, I quickly looked for Destiny’s Child and TLC videos.  They shared the same  vibe with the ‘Girl Power’ and the costumes.

Destiny’s Child


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