Dr.Rashmi Shetty
Dr.Rashmi Shetty

The much awaited cool nights are finally here! But along with it come the skin and hair issues… dry, dehydrated, frizzy, rough and extra sensitive. If that’s not enough, chapped lips 🙂

We all know of the 8 to 10 glasses of water rule, but if you were wishing it went straight to your skin and hair then here are some special tips!

1. Spray the water from the outside. The new skin mist with fortifying essential minerals for skin does the magic on nude skin or even on skin with make up on. Avène Thermal Spring Water spray is my favorite.

2. Moisturizer on wet skin. It acts as a moisture sealant instead of douching your skin with loads of stickier cream.

3. Wash your lips, gently exfoliate them and apply ghee, coconut oil, coco butter or just good old pond’s cold cream! Petroleum based gels and lip balm only make you more addicted to them.

4. Make sure your oil intake for the day is adequate. This takes care of the healthy glow we all want. Macadamia nut oil is my current favorite. Two spoons in a days diet is a must.

5. If all the good nutrition does not reach your skin and hair, which are pretty much end organs it’s no use. In winter, to conserve heat, the peripheral blood vessels constrict. So one needs regular exercise, massages. Even gently tapping your skin with your figures after applying your cream will stimulate your skin.

Well hydrated and moisturizer skin is seldom sensitive and dull. Go on, love the skin you’re in!