Does Anushka Sharma Have a New Boyfriend?

Anushka Sharma

This just in: Anushka Sharma has moved on from Ranveer Sing (who’s apparently now with Deepika Padukone) and has started dating Arjun Kapoor! (And on cue that song Chokra Jawan just started playing in my head AGAIN *facepalm*)

The two were recently spotted at a coffee shop in juhu and seemed engrossed in a pretty deep conversation. Anushka was dressed in a cream top and denims while Arjun was in an Ed Hardy cap, white tee and jeans. (Oh Arjun, you know how I feel about that Ed Hardy stuff.) Anyway, the buzz is that the two have become really close after her breakup with Ranveer and they’re sorta kinda seeing each other. Interesting!

Deepika Padukone

Um… can I crack my joke now please? What do you get when you cross the “Singh” from Ranveer and the “Arjun” from Kapoor? A rather coincidental flashback of DP’s ex: Ranbir Kapoor!!! *hehehe* no idea what that means but if I was into conspiracy theories I bet it would mean SOMETHING, don’t you? xoxo

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