December 12th: Happy Rajnikanth, Birthday!

Rashmi Daryanani

Of course Rajnikanth would celebrate his birthday on 12/12/12. The legend turns 62 today, and, as always, his birthday is just another reason to share some hilarious Rajnikanth jokes. Read on for some!

Once Rajnikant was playing with his toys near Mumbai. He just left them there… that place is now known as “Essel World”

Rajinikanth has already been to Mars, that’s why there are no signs of life there.


Once Rajnikanth told a joke to a kid. Now, he is known as the Laughing Buddha.

If Rajnikant was born 100 years earlier, the British would have fought to get independence from India.

Rajinikanth knows Victoria’s secret.


Once Rajnikanth hit a sixer. Now, that ball is called Pluto.

Rajnikanth kills Harry Potter in the eighth book.

Once Rajnikanth entered the Bigg Boss house. The next day the announcement was made: “Rajnikanth chahte hai ki Bigg Boss confession room me aye.”


Rajnikanth killed Spiderman using Baygon Anti Bug Spray.

Munni Badnaam hui Rajnikanth ke liye.

Share some of your favourites in the comments below!

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