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Man of Steel
Man of Steel

The world is divided into Batman and Superman fans, at least among comic book enthusiasts. Sadly, Christopher Nolan has been very clear about not wanting to direct another Batman film, having completed his vision of the story with The Dark Knight Rises. However, Nolan is not leaving the superhero genre just yet! The long anticipated reboot of the Superman franchise is set for June 2013, with Nolan as producer, and Zach Synder (Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, and 300) as director. Man of Steel will star Henry Cavill, known from the Count of Monte Cristo, Stardust, Red Riding Hood, and Tarsem Singh‘s Immortals – which also starred Freida Pinto.

Check out the intense new Man of Steel trailer!

We see that a good portion of this film will focus on the young Clark Kent discovering and learning to deal with his powers, a fan favorite story line that was altogether left out of the last failed franchise reboot attempt – Superman Returns in 2006.

Man of Steel also boasts an impressive supporting cast including Kevin Costner & Diane Lane as Jonathan & Martha Kent (Clark Kent’s adoptive parents), Russell Crowe as Jor-El (Superman’s birth father), Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as the villain General Zod (you know him from Boardwalk Empire… brilliant casting choice here I think!), and Laurence Fishburne as the Daily Planet newspaper editor, Perry White.

From the cast & crew, to the story line, to the action scenes, to the Superman costume… this one looks promising!

The Man of Steel release date in India is set for June 14th.