New Trailer: 'Mere Haule Dost'

Aadil Abedi , 19 Dec 2012
Mere Haule Dost
Mere Haule Dost

Hey guys! Hope you’re well.

I’m back in Mumbai, and pretty much straight back into the rat race. I finally found a living space for myself – a paying guest accommodation in Andheri. Great location and a great building. – I guess the 4 month struggle was finally worth it! I can finally breathe a sigh of relief and get on with more important things, i.e. get some work!

And speaking of work, the song trailer for my first independent movie is out on YouTube. :)

I shot for this film back in June & July of this year in Hyderabad. The film is called Mere Haule Dost and is currently in its post-production phase, with a hopeful release date sometime early next year. The producers are still in talks with various distributors for a national release in India, so here’s keeping our fingers crossed the film gets out there as soon as possible.

It’s a small, light-hearted film, that I am so proud to have been a part of. It’s a Hyderabadi film in the fact that it was shot in Hyderabad, and has Hyderabadi Hindi, but with a kind of Delhi Belly feel to it. The title track was composed by a band in Delhi, and so far it’s already had 11,000+ hits on YouTube.

I thought I would give MissMalini readers a taster of the trailer so do let me know what you think and spread the word.


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