Nasal Hi Naapak Hain. Stop Rape Now.

MissMalini , 21 Dec 2012

My friend Tanmay aka Microphon3 often expresses him through his freestyle poetry and this time I can tell he’s really hurting. We have to stop it, we have to stop rape now.


Tanmay says, “Let me tell you the story… so I just wrote this poem… and then Keerthy who I don’t know heard it in Kochi, and he got in touch with me, I recorded the voice sample on my phone and he put it on music that he had created. So yeah it just happened randomly… The song basically talks about how shameful the times are now, how we went from being women respecting, praising, worshipping to becoming such a corrupt impure breed of men.”

Music by Keerthy
Poem by Tanmay Bahulekar

Nasal Hi Naapak Hain.

*The entire breed is corrupt/impure*

Isey kavita na kehna,
Sharam ka yeh paigaam hain,
Jootiyon sa hawas ney ghisa,
Kya seekhaya jo bana yeh insaan hain.
Khuda tu bhi jhoot hain,
Jal gaya tera karishma, bachi ab sirf raakh hain.
Inhein galtiyan kaisey kahu, poori nasal hi naapaak hain.
Kaash Bharat ek baap kehlaata,
“Bharat Maata” yeh toh shraap hain.
Tehzeeb mein hum liptey thein kabhi,
Tezaab ney banaya hamey khaak hain.
Doodh ney toh sabko seencha,
Aaj aansuo sey dhundhli wahi aankh hain,
Maa, shaayad aap toh bacch gayi,
Parr iss mitti ko kharonchtey; aastin key saap hain.

Kaash mein kuch kar paata,
Meri likhawat shayad sirf ek daak hain,
Yeh kaala akshar kon padhega,
Poori nasal hi naapaak hain.

What can we do? We can no longer sit idly by and watch our world consume itself through violent acts of terrible cruelty. We need to heal and protect. I just signed the petition “President, CJI: Stop Rape Now!” on It’s important. Will you sign it too? Here’s the link: petition

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