Hey I Just Met You, And This is Crazy, You Can't Have My Number, So Don't Call Me Maybe.

MissMalini , 27 Dec 2012
the Facebook lifeboat
the Facebook lifeboat

So… last night I hopped out to meet some pals at Or-g (a very bopping club in Bandra near National College) and everything was going just swimmingly until I was introduced to this random dude. You know the kind – over friendlyover confident and immediately drops, “I know the guy who owns this place.” Yes, congratulations, you must be so fabulous.

But I did what I do best, smile, nod politely and reveal NOTHING! Anyway I was almost home free, (or so I thought!) until he intercepted me and a friend while waiting for my car with a, “heeeeyyyyy, you girls wanna come to a party?”

Me: “Er.. no thanks!”
My friend (who I didn’t want to subject to an intro): “Um, NO.”
Him: “Hey.. we met inside right?”
Me: “Um.. right.”
My friend: *surprised glance at me*
Him: “So come to a paaaartttty! I know a cool party in Juhu!”
Me: “No, no thanks we’re heading home, school night and all that!”
Him:  “No, you must come!”
Me: *awkward laughter* “No, no..”
Him: “So anyway can I get your number from my friend and call you sometime?”
Me: *pause* “Um, why don’t you Facebook me instead?”
Him: “Facebook you?!” *shocked booming laughter as he backed away seriously offended, with his hands up in the air*

Btw, if you haven’t seen this MAD TV sketch, watch it now!

The point of this story is (well one to tell you a funny story) and two, to share a realisation I just had about how lax my Facebook friendship barometer is becoming. It was also the first time I’ve used Facebook as my creep-guard so I kind of shocked my self! Anyway, I’ve now embarked on a “Facebook Cleanse” first round: anyone who’s face I cannot immediately picture from their name has got to go.

Facebook cleanse
Facebook cleanse

But maybe you (or the Secret Stud man) can help me out! What is the appropriate response to “can I have your number and call you sometime…” when you’d really rather that never happened? Is honest the best policy or do you have to find another less obvious way? Same question for those who constantly ask for your “BMM Pin” Whoa lady we just met and you haven’t even bought me dinner!

Please do leave me your valuable insights in the comments below! Thank you kindly, xoxo

PS. Dear random guy, I apologise in advance for never accepting your FB friend request, please don’t call to ask me if I got it!

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