10 Perfect Gifts for Guys!

Amotsh Singh

Hold everything ladies! I’ve just solved our age-old problem. What to buy a man for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc etc. Amtosh, the very charming founder of PropShop24.in is giving MissMalini.com the exclusive skinny on great gift ideas for your man, any time of year! Yes, you’re welcome :) xoxo

Amtosh Singh

Guy Gifts.

It sure is difficult to find the lady in your life a gift, but getting a guy something he likes is close to impossible. With the season for gifting underway, a question that’s been on your mind is what to get your dad, friend, brother or boss, right? Even otherwise, birthdays, job promotions and other celebrations always seem to be one too many to handle so this handy list of foolproof ‘guy’ gift ideas should provide some assistance!

Music Dock

Bose Sound Dock

Most guys are into gadgets and music. Put those together and you have probably one of the coolest inventions ever – the portable dock! My picks would be the JBL OnBeat Xtreme, JBl SoundFly Air or the Bose SoundDock.
Shop at Croma & Maple stores.


Beats by Dre

What headphones does he currently use? The fairly rubbish, standard headphones that came with his phone or the pair he stole when he last travelled Kingfisher? Get him the Beats by Dr Dre, or the Sennheiser HD700.
Shop at Croma & Maple stores.

USB Flash Drive

USB drives

Everyone needs a USB drive at some point or another. What better than his favourite superhero to ‘save’ music, documents or whatever else?
Shop at www.propshop24.in

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

There is nothing a guy has wanted more since September. GO. GET. IT.
Shop at Maple or Decent Collection.

Stuff For His Home


A guy is never going to buy anything for his home. He will eat out of a box for as long as he can. Gift him dinner plates, side plates, bowls or whatever else you can get your hands on.
Shop at www.propshop24.in


Glenmorangie, Cafe Patron and Gold Label Reserve

This has to be the easiest gift for a guy. Favourite bottle of Malt or Scotch, Tequila or Jagermeister will do. My picks would be Glenmorangie Original, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve or Patron Silver/Café.
Shop at your nearest wine shop or if you are travelling, even better, at duty free!

Beer Mugs

beer mug

A beer mug which fits a whole litre of his favourite lager. He will love you forever.
Shop at www.propshop24.in

Champagne Chiller

champagne chiller

When celebrations are in order, nothing works better than champagne. This 3-in-1 product can be used as an ice bucket, carrying case or a champagne chiller. Few things look this good and serve their purpose well.
Shop at www.propshop24.in


Mont Blanc cufflinks and Burberry tie clips

Classic cufflinks, wallets and tie pins never go out of style.
Shop at Mont Blanc, Burberry, Tie Rack or www.elitify.com


Ferragamo red crust boar loafer

Strictly if you know his taste and size. Classic Loafers or Brogues work well.
Shop at Ferragamo, Tods, Aldo or Tresmode.

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