Textology. What The Kids These Days Are Saying! #asdfghjkl

Textology. What The Kids These Days Are Saying! #asdfghjkl

Malini Agarwal
Megan, Sukha and Meher Gupta
Megan, Sukha and Meher Gupta

I had the pleasure of having dinner with my friend Kanu Gupta‘s two teenage sisters recently and boy was THAT an eye opener! Mostly because I have been clueless about the new wave of “text terminology” that has steadily been sweeping generation Y! I warn you now, a few of these will make you feel old and others, well frankly we may just be a little too far gone to carry off using with any real authority. But still, I thought you should know :)

So thank you Megan and Meher Gupta for this utterly fascinating crash course in textology! xoxo

text lingo
*Hey, Are We Having Fun Yet? This class is so dumb, oh Teachers Are Watching, See You Later.


It’s the same as “OK” but just easier to type. Also kinda like “k, kewl”

idk – I don’t know.

idc = I don’t care.

Nowshad had a good point that it’s kind of sad how this generation must need to say “I don’t care” SO much that they had to invent an abbreviation for it!

IDGAF = I don’t give a f*ck.

Enough said.

ily and ily2 (pronounced to rhyme with lily) = I love you, I love you two.

It’s funny that both Juhi Pande and I had the same reaction to this one. We immediately pictured Manish Koirala prancing around with Vivek Mushran in her ridiculous frilly frock in Saudagar. We were of course thinking of ILU ILU!

YOLO = You Only Live Once (sarcastically)

So basically this phrase (in it’s full form) was meant as a genuine motivator for trying new things but has now been reduced to a sort of barb amongst friends. For example if you were to tell your 15-year-old pal that you had to go shopping with your mom, a perfectly acceptable response from them would be “YOLO.”

lol (pronounced to rhyme with paul) = no longer used as “laugh out loud”, it now also represents sarcasm.

Let’s see if you can wrap your head around this one. So remember how *lol* used to mean laugh out loud? (And for a while in between it was a drowning cheerleader.) Well now, (because of it’s apparent overuse!) kids these days are using it sarcastically. Kinda like YOLO.

asdfghjkl = I’m speechless.

Now here’s where it gets really crazy. Did you know that if you type all the letters on your keyboards middle row starting from the letter a from left to right you get the “word” asdfghjkl (pronounced “ass-de-fe-jiggle”)? And did you know that typing asdfghjkl basically means you have no words to express your reaction to something? For example when saw these pictures of Yash Birla instead of being speechless I could simply have typed asdfghjkl to punctuate my speechlessness. That’s right.

Alright, now you know! Good luck, so long and TFATF*

*Haha don’t panic that’s just a reference to my favourite book series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Get it? :) xoxo