Arjun Rampal’s Fashion Faux Flub

Zina Tasreen
Arjun Rampal

His Hotness Arjun Rampal is out and about a lot lately to get us through the cold winter days for the promotion of his film Inkaar, with his latest sighting being at the Mid-Day Race on Sunday. Wanna know how he fared sartorially?

Arjun Rampal

The aviators… the spiffy coif… the charcoal well-cut suit… the blue micro gingham button-down shirt… the slim dark brown belt… he was coasting along until…

Arjun Rampal

…the sight of his trousers puddling around the ankles cropped up.

Arjun Rampal

*tut*tut* This is elementary, Mr Rampal − a seasoned campaigner like you should know not to leave the house with trousers that need major hemming like this.

Photo courtesy | Yogen Shah for

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