Wanna See a Film About a Teenage Girl in a Mumbai Street Gang?


I got an interesting email the other day about a film shoot in India that basically follows a teenage girl in a Mumbai street gang. She masquerades as a boy and makes a living as a thief until the day she encounters a man who may be her long-lost father. Intriguing right?

So the movie is called Jaya. Writer and directed by Puja Maewal, an Indian American filmmaker from Texas on a Fulbright Grant to make this film. The movie is inspired by true events, and stars real teenagers from the streets and slums of Mumbai.

And yes, since you were thinking it, the filmmaker herself describes it as “a dark twist on Slumdog Millionaire.” Wanna see the trailer?

They are currently raising finishing funds to complete the movie: www.indiegogo.com/jaya if you’d like to help, do your thing :) xoxo

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